Dear Colleagues! On September 4–7, 2014, in the village of Divnomorskoe in the “Raduga” health resort (353490, Krasnodar Krai, Gelendzhik District, the village of Divnomorskoe, Primorskaya St., 10a), Don State Technical University and the North Caucasus Research Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture of the Russian Agricultural Academy hold an international scientific and methodological conference: “Innovative technologies in environmental science and education” (ITESE-2014).

From September 4 to September 7, 2014, the International Scientific and Methodological Conference “Innovative Technologies in Environmental Science and Education ITESE-2014″ was held in Divnomorskoe village, which has been held since 2013 at the initiative of DSTU, the North Caucasus Research Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture, and thanks to the support of the Russian Academy of Sciences. More than 250 scientists, teachers, specialists from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Cuba took part in the “ITESE-2014” conference both in person and in absentia. The conference was opened by the Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Member of the Presidium of the RAS, Academician Yuri Lachuga He stressed the importance of the integration of education and science, which is reflected in the proceedings of the annual “ITESE-2014” conference, and expressed hope for further strengthening of joint creative connections and mutually beneficial cooperation. On behalf of the rector of the DSTU Besarion Meskhi, the guests and participants of the conference were welcomed by the dean of the faculty “Machinery and equipment of the agribusiness” M.V. Savenkov. The following participants spoke at the plenary session: V.D. Popov (Academician of RAS, Director of the FSBSI “Institute of Agroecological Problems”); Dr. V.E. Buxmann (Head of Export to Russia at “AMAZONEN-WERKE” (Germany)”, Dr. V.I. Pakhomov (Director of the North Caucasus Research Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture), N.T. Sorokin (Director of the All-Russian Research Institute for the Mechanization of Agrochemical and Logistics of Agriculture, Doctor of Economics). A.V. Lensky presented a report on behalf of the General Director of the Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Agricultural Mechanization of the Republic of Belarus V.G. Samosyuk. Scientific developments were presented by: Dr. Yu.I. Yermoliev (Head of the department “Agricultural Machines and Equipment” of the DSTU, Professor); Dr. V.B. Rykov (Deputy Director of the North Caucasus Research Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture), S.I. Kambulov (Head of the Department of Field Mechanization, Doctor of Technical Sciences). The professor of DSTU, Doctor of Technical Sciences I.A. Hozyaev made a presentation of his monograph. Based on the results of the conference, a collection of scientific papers was published, which included proceedings on the main theoretical and practical aspects of innovative processes in educational and scientific activities of higher educational institutions and research organizations. The proceedings are presented according to the topics of the conference: 1. Scientific and methodological features of the innovative learning process and ways to improve the quality of education in higher education institution. 2. Innovative technical solutions and technologies and their applications in science and education. The presentations aroused much interest among the conference participants, and lively discussions allowed colleagues to share experiences.

Summaries of Scientific Papers of the International Scientific and Methodological Conference ITESE-2014