E3S Web of Conferences, Volume 210 (2020)


E3S Web of Conferences, Volume 135 (2019)


The manuscript should follow the IMRaD format

Section Purpose
Title What the paper is about
Authors Names and affiliations of authors
Keywords Words other than those in title that best describe the paper
Abstract A stand-alone, short narrative of the paper
Introduction Why this paper? The problem, what is not known, the objective of the study
Materials and methods How was the study done?
Results What did you find?
Discussion What does it mean? What next? Interpretation of results and future directions
Conclusion Possible implications
Acknowledgments Who helped and how; what was the funding source?
References Details of papers cited
Appendices Supplementary materials

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A maximum of two articles per author is accepted.
All papers should be not less than 6 pages (recommended 8-13 pages).

Conference participation fee — 150 euro

(this amount includes the cost of publication and the registration fee of a conference participant)